Friday, September 2, 2016

Glass It Up - Gear Review

Glass It Up Minox MD 50

Whether it is scouting during the off season or spot and stalk hunting during the season, we all know the importance of taking the time to glass for the game we are hunting. There are plenty of digiscoping adapters out there that you can quickly attach to your smartphone and then to your optics. Recently, Glass It Up sent one of their adapters for me to try out and I have to say, I was very impressed.

There are companies that ask for your specific model and make one to fit. It helps ensure that it fits nice and snug without any issues. So when I saw that the Glass It Up adapter uses bands to help make it fit, I'll admit that I was a bit nervous. The idea that I would have to be carrying rubber bands plus the adapter made me leery at first.

I did quickly find out that by attaching the rubber bands to the eyepiece on my spotting scope that I was able to use the scope without any limitations. This put my mind at ease and it was simple for me to keep the bands on the eyepiece and keep my phone in my pocket with the adapter.

Glass It Up Review Phone Case

The adapter uses an adhesive strip to attach to your phone case. These are the same strips that you can pick up at any department store. I did have a concern as I used my phone case because it is one that my dad had painted for me. My biggest worry was that it would peel off as I was taking it off. Here is the result:

The nice thing is that you can get an inexpensive phone case and attach this adapter to and leave it in your hunting pack. The adapter worked really well and was very simple to use. The nice thing about the Glass It Up is that it is versatile to your optics. I attached the bands to my spotting scope and to my binoculars. It was easy to just swap from my spotter to my binos.

Here are some images that I was able to capture.

Idaho Antelope
Glass It up Review

Elk Glass It Up
Glass It Up on Spotter

Idaho Cow Elk

For under $30 you can get one so they are extremely affordable. This is a great way to get into digiscoping and to add one to your pack.

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