Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Father's Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day coming up, I wanted to put together a list of some gift ideas that I feel anyone that loves the outdoors would enjoy getting. So if you are having troubles coming up with some gift ideas for your dad, or you women who are struggling with what to get your husband, here are some great ideas. These would be great for any dad that loves the outdoors


It doesn't matter if you hunt, fish, or just like to hike this is a valuable tool. You have options of either purchasing the chip to go in your GPS device or you can buy the app so you can have it on your phone or tablet. OnXMaps shows you landowner information that is valuable when scouting new areas for your adventures so you can gain access or just avoid a hefty trespassing fine.

Hunting GPS Maps chip for Idaho
Idaho Hunting GPS Maps Chip

The chip will run you around $99 which is a micro SD card that you slide into your Garmin device. As land ownership changes throughout the years, they will send you an email letting you know when your chip has been updated so you can get the updated information on your SD card.

onxmaps appOnXMaps AppLayers of the OnXMaps App

The App costs $29 and you can install it on multiple devices. I have the app on my phone and tablet and it syncs across the devices. I can scout on my phone for new areas, save it, and see the same information on my tablet. I know what you are thinking though, "I don't have service where I hunt, fish, or hike so how can I see the maps?" You can cache the maps so that when you are out of cell phone service, you can still have your maps with all the information right at your fingertips.

Go check it out and they also have some great looking apparel too!


Water is essential when you are outdoors. Hydration bladders help keep you hydrated and keep you going. What I like about Geigerrig Bladders is that they are pressurized so you don't have to suck the water out of the tube. The bladder fits just like any other bladder in your pack, but with one extra tube to pressurize the bladder. Also, the bladder is extremely easy to clean. You can turn it inside out, put it in the dishwasher, and flip it right side out again. This is ingenious. They also sell an in-line water filter so that you can fill up the bladder in the field if you run out. They are tough as nails too. When you visit their website, be sure to watch their torture tests of their bladders, you won't be disappointed.

The 2 Litre bladder runs online at $48 and the 3 Litre comes in at $49. Overall with the durability of these bladders and the fact that you don't have to suck from a small tube after huffing and puffing up the mountain is the key. You can see in the picture that I used the bladder to fill my little pot to boil water for lunch. Also the picture of just the bladder has the in-line water filter on as well. These are very easy to use and very valuable. Now your dad won't suck!

Full Curl Brand

An awesome new outdoor lifestyle company called Full Curl Brand is dishing out some great looking clothing. Now they aren't just men's clothing either so you ladies that are buying for your husband or dad, you can pick you up something as well. I kept a close eye on these guys and I am impressed with their design and quality of gear. 

These shirts and hats are awesome! They have a great design that captures the love of the outdoors. They are a new company and are coming out with some great designs so definitely keep these guys on your radar for some great apparel.


This is another great apparel company, especially if dad loves to fish is Rep Your Water. This is a great way to sport some great gear that represents your state that you live in or are from. I have the Native Cutthroat hat and it is one of my favorite hats to wear. They also have some awesome looking shirts. Again this is another great idea for someone who loves to fish!

Rep Your Water Brand Shirt
Native Cutthroat Hat from Rep Your Water

Idaho fishing Hat RepYourWater
RepYourWater Fish Hat

Plus, the company helps by donating to different organizations that support fishing conservation like Colorado Trout Unlimited, Wyoming Trout Unlimited, Wild Steelhead Coalition, The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust, and the Alaska, Utah, and Montana Chapters of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. That's the coolest part, you get awesome gear and your helping with conservation!

Bex Sunglasses

Everyone loves a good pair of sunglasses. That's where Bex sets the new standard! Bex sunglasses are amazing. They have a style for just about anyone. The pair I have (the ARSTYK II) are extremely lightweight and polarized which is great for fishing and bowfishing.

Bex ARSTYK II SunglassesARSTYK II from BEX

Be sure you go check them out. They have a style of sunglasses for anyone and they have some sweet hats, shirts, and jackets. These are some great everyday sunglasses that are extremely lightweight and very durable. They cut the glare of the water and you don't even notice they are there. They fit snug on your head and don't fall off! They also have apparel which is just as awesome!  

The GunBox

I recently reviewed The GunBox on my blog and I must say, this is a must for every home. I think this is an all around great product and great safe that you can store your firearms or any valuable items you can fit in it. It is a great product that safely stores your firearms or valuables that can only be opened by programming a fingerprint or RFID bracelet or ring.

The GunBox Safe

Be sure to go and check out my review of The GunBox, and right now for Father's Day they are running a special. You can take 10% off your entire order plus you get free shipping! Check out their Facebook Page for the code to get the free shipping and 10% off your entire order!

MINOX Hunting Optics

What man doesn't like new optics. Whether it is a rifle scope or binoculars, MINOX has you covered. These are some amazing pieces of work and some quality glass. The clarity and durability of these optics are among the top. They have a great warranty and are extremely durable.

MINOX BinocularsMINOX Spotting Scope

These are some of the best optics I have looked through. These are German made and are just flat out amazing. Again feel free to read my thoughts on the MINOX hunting optics and be sure to check them out. They also make trail cameras that are small and compact yet are capable of some outstanding images and videos.

These are some of my ideas. I have plenty more from several other great companies but list list was already getting very long and wordy. But feel free to share your Father's Day gift ideas as well!

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