Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Interview with Haley Heath

Women of Weatherby Haley Heath

I recently had the chance to chat with Haley Heath who is the host of Yeti's Ultimate Hunt and one of the women on the new Women of Weatherby. Haley has a strong passion for the outdoors and hunting. But the thing she has the most passion for is her family. As I struggle to find time to balance between family and hunting I thought it would be a great experience to hear from Haley who is a mother, a wife, and a face for women in the outdoors.

- What made you decide to pursue a career in the hunting industry?

I actually didn't pursue this career it was just fate! At the time I owned two restaurants and had a toddler but I was entered into a contest on ESPN2 and was chosen out of thousands of applications! Although my way into the industry was a little different, I've been hunting my entire life and I've had the passion of introducing the outdoors to young girls and now women and families to the outdoors. It's always been my passion to get more females in the outdoors, now I have the platform to actually do that! Im truly blessed that it worked the way it did and now I've been able to raise my children in an industry that I love and they are just as passionate about taking their friends and helping others!

- Since doing this professionally, has it stolen some of the joys of the hunt?

I am blessed to do something that is my passion as my career. I am a hunter that happens to have a camera crew document all of my highs and lows in the field and sometimes out of the field! I'm just like any other hunter out there, I have success, I miss, and there are times I don't see an animal the entire week of hunting. At no point have I ever felt that doing this as a profession has taken the joy out of my hunts, instead I'm glad they are there with me, making memories and capturing it to share with a National audience. There have been a few adjustments like waiting until they have footage before I shoot or not enough camera light and I don't get my trophy but that just comes with the territory!

- What do you enjoy most about your hunting career?

Everything!! I truly enjoy taking my kids all over North America hunting with me and I love all the people I get meet. Hearing the success stories and how I've encouraged others to get in the outdoors is what keeps me going! I feel so blessed to have this as my job and although it's not easy by any means, it's my calling!

- What is the biggest challenge being a female in this industry?

Probably the biggest struggle about being a female in the industry is getting people and companies to understand that I don't want pink! I'm so thankful for the companies like Weatherby that take me serious as a hunter and see that I need products that are just as good as those made for men but made to fit a woman! 

- What is your favorite animal to hunt and why?

Elk is my favorite animal to hunt although whitetail will always be right at the top! There is something about a majestic bull elk coming within a few yards of you and bugling that rattles me to the core! However, hunting whitetails every Fall is what I love forward to most because it's hunting Whitetails where I get to sit in the woods with my husband and kids for hours on end year to year!

- Everyone has a bucket list hunt, what is your bucket list hunt? 

I actually just had my two top bucket list hunts this past year! Moose and anything in Hawaii were at the top and they were both amazing hunts!! Now my next bucket list is watching my kids get their dream animals.

- What is your favorite rifle and caliber?

My answer will mostly change a little by the time you ask me this question next year because the Women of Weatherby is building a rifle for women by women that will be unveiled January 2016! Although my answer may have another at the top next year, the Weatherby .270 packs a punch like no other .270 I've ever shot and I've completely falling in love with it! Not only is it the hardest hitting and most accurate rifle I've ever shot but the wood on both the Mark V and Vanguard is incredible and they are rifles that hopefully will be passed down for generations. 

- What is your current archery setup? 

I'm still shooting my Bear Homewrecker. I love all of my Bear bows but this one I have a hard time putting down! And the whole thing is decked out in TRUGLO and Apex accessories. 

- With the industry booming with women interested in hunting, what advice would you give to those who are just starting?

Don't be afraid to ask questions and if you feel more comfortable asking a woman then please feel free to join me and the team of women I'm working with on www.WomenOfWeatherby.com
This program is dedicated in helping all female hunters and shooters from novice to expert.

- Which hunt are you looking forward to the most in 2015?

I haven't finalized all my hunts for the fall but I'm really looking forward to a turkey hunt I have coming up with Women of Weatherby in OK!

- How do you balance being a wife, mother, and your hunting career?

Being a wife and mama will always be first in my life so with that I schedule as much as possible around them. When the kids were younger I had an agreement with the school and they would just go with us but now that they are older I try not to take them out as much.  During the Fall it gets tricky and I hunt but I try to still make all the school and sports functions too! It's all about priorities. Luckily, with all my job commitments they all understand and work well with me.


Haley Heath family hunt

Thanks to Haley for taking the time to answer these questions and be sure to follow her on her social media like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Haley shares this her passion with her family much like we all do. The best part about getting to interview Haley is realizing how down to earth she is and also how willing she is to be helping others in this industry. Be sure to give her a follow!