Friday, March 20, 2015

The GunBox - Gear Review

The GunBox Review

My brother had the opportunity to review The GunBox a while ago, and as soon as he pulled it out of the package that's all I heard about. He told me how it worked and sent me links to the website as well as videos of the product and all of its features. I couldn't help but be intrigued by the design and the concept of this futuristic looking gun safe. If you are a hunter or just have a firearm in the house, you want it to be safely stored but quickly accessible.

I grew up around guns and I am comfortable having them in the home. It took my wife a little while to get use to having guns in the home. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but trying to see eye to eye on gun safety and storage can be hard. When we lived in Idaho we lived in a small enough town with a low crime rate that we never really worried. We then moved out to Missouri this last year to go to grad school. While we are in a good area out here near St. Louis, this is definitely the biggest city we have lived in. We aren't paranoid but we are more aware of the increase of possible break-ins. 

I have two little boys that are ages 5 and 2. Their protection and safety is my number one concern and there in lies the problem for storing a firearm. Storing a firearm in the house that is easily accessible but safely away from curious little rugrats can be a challenge. That's where The GunBox comes into the equation.

When I received The GunBox RFID + Biometric model I immediately noticed the sleek design and the light weight. This was very light but I could tell it was very durable. There are many great features of the product but here are the specifications from the website:

  • 360 Biometric fingerprint scanner (holds multiple fingerprints)
  • RFID scanner
  • Aircraft strength aluminum alloy shell
  • Internal motion/vibration sensor with audible alarm
  • Sleek wristband for quick access
  • 2 USB ports for charging devices or connecting accessories
  • Battery backup with shut off switch
  • Mounting holes to allow for mounting in nearly any orientation
  • Kensington lock port (lock and cable not included)
  • Outside Measurements: 11.6" Wide x 10.0" Tall x 2.7" Deep
  • Inside Measurements: 8.9" Wide x 6.5" Tall x 1.5" Deep

Inside the GunBox gun safe

The biggest thing that makes this product worth every penny in my opinion is the fingerprint scanner. This feature allows me to scan my fingerprint to open the The GunBox, but not just one fingerprint but multiple fingerprints. That way if I am in a hurry I don't have to try and remember what hand I used or which finger. It also allows me to use my wife's fingerprints so that if I am not home and she needs access, she can do the same thing. The GunBox also comes with a bracelet that is programmed to open the safe as well. This makes it easier to open because all you have to do is place the bracelet over the GunBox and it will open. Now I understand that this may be a concern for a lot of people, but the people over at GunBox are experts on safety and already had a plan. You can also program the safe to open with a wave of the bracelet PLUS a fingerprint. That way your kids don't get a hold of the bracelet and open the safe on accident.
GunBox Bracelet

Open the GunBox

That also ensures that if we have a sitter for our children while we are away, they can't access the firearm as well as our children. I set The GunBox out and let my children try over and over to open it but of course it was impossible. This was a big reassurance for my wife to see how we could safely store a firearm in the house where it can be easily accessible without worry.

GunBox with handgun

The GunBox is a perfect size to hold my Smith & Wesson SD 40 with room to spare. The inside is lined with a neoprene type material that helps keep the firearm secure while also protecting it from getting scratched. As you can see in the picture above, it easily fits my firearm with room for the extra magazine. The safe is perfect for anyone trying to figure out how to safely store a firearm in the home without worrying if your kids will have access to it.

The GunBox has a lot of bells and whistles that I could go on and on about. Like I mentioned above, it has an alarm on it so if someone tries to move the safe from it's location the alarm will constantly sound. I thought about turning it on but with where I was storing the safe, I knew my kids would be grabbing it and moving it, so I didn't want the alarm to constantly sound.

The safe has a power cord and also has USB ports so if this is on your desk or somewhere in the open, you can easily charge your phone or other devices with a USB port. Now when the power goes out, the safe has a Lithium Polymer battery that will last 3 days when the switch on the bottom is turned off, and last 8 hours with the switch turned on. On the rare occasion that the safe won't open due to electronic failure or if the power has been out for several days, there is a safety screw on the bottom of the unit that can be removed with the Allen wrench that is provided.

Overall, this is the best safe that I have seen and been able to test. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who owns a handgun that wants to safely store them in an easily accessible area. This is a very versatile safe that gives you so many options on where to sore your handgun. It is very sleek looking with futuristic feel.

Go check out their products and all that they offer. I promise you won't be disappointed. They have a variety of safes that are bound to fit your needs. Visit their website and follow them on Facebook and on Twitter

If you want to know how tough and durable the safe is, check out this video from Vickers Tactical

As with all reviews on High Country Bowhunter, the following review is my honest opinion, I received The GunBox free of charge and agreed to provide a review in exchange. I am not sponsored by The GunBox and accepting no other compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review.  My independent status may change in the future.