Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baladeo Explorer - Survival Creek

I've always said that one can never have too many knives. So needless to say when I was contacted by Survival Creek and asked to review the Baladeo Explorer, I of course said yes. As a hunter and outdoorsman I constantly have a knife with me. It's not for protection but mostly as a tool. There are plenty of times when someone need something cut and that's where the "hunting guy" comes in. Like many outdoorsman (and women), a knife is an essential item for your day-to-day routine.

Survival Creek - Baladeo Explorer Knife

The Baladeo Explorer is constructed of 420 stainless steel with titanium coating and is a full tang handle with bamboo. The bamboo handle looks great with the lighter color against the titanium coated steel. The fixed blade is 13 cm (just over 5 inches) and the entire knife weighs in at 276 grams. The end of the handle has a loop which you could definitely attach some paracord to the knife. also there are three holes in the handle which also allows for tying some paracord or wrapping around the handle. Also if in a survival situation and you had paracord you could tie the knife to a stick for a spear or to reach up and cut some limbs.

Baladeo Explorer Fixed Blade Knife - Survival Creek
Baladeo Explorer - Survival Creek

- Extremely light weight
- The blade maintains a very sharp edge and sharpens up very easily
- The blade cuts extremely well
- The bamboo handle is a great touch for durability and light weight

- The handle is nice but it was pretty slippery when either you hand or the handle was wet.
- The sheath could be a little higher quality. This isn't as big of a deal for me as long as the knife is a high quality knife.

These are just personal preferences and just my opinion. The Baladeo Explorer overall is an excellent knife that keeps is edge extremely well. Having a knife that stays sharp and can sharpen extremely easy is very important. I would definitely recommend this knife to anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors or even just someone who enjoys knifes.

Be sure to check out Survival Creek and see all of the awesome survival gear that they offer. They offer knives, survival kits, food, and much more. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

As with all reviews on High Country Bowhunter, the following review is my honest opinion, I received the Baladeo Explorer Knife free of charge and agreed to provide a review in exchange. I am not sponsored by Survival Creek and accepting no other compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review.  My independent status may change in the future.

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