Monday, July 1, 2013

MINOX Optics for Bowhunting

Minox Optics in Idaho

Out here in the west, my style of hunting is mainly spot and stalk, and just like any style of hunting, it requires a lot of scouting in order to pattern the animal to ensure that you will be hunting in the right area. Once you think you are in the right area, you still have to find the animals before you can put a stalk on them. Probably the most important pieces of equipment that you will find with me every time are my binoculars. A good quality pair of optics will go a long way here out in the west as well as any hunting situation, which is why I use Minox.

Minox Optics Scouting Idaho

The best way to spot and stalk is to spend a good amount of time spotting the hillsides and drainages. Finding where the animal is and watch what it is doing helps you to set up a game plan to put the sneak on. One thing to do is get to a high vantage point where you can sit and glass a large area. Spend the time scanning over the area taking your time and looking for different shapes, ears, antlers, or any part of what could be a deer, elk, bear, or moose. You can see in the picture above a nice bull moose that we were able to sit and glass to get a good look at him.

Shiras Moose through Minox Optics

I always pack my binoculars with me on every hunt, but when I am headed out on an elk hunt I make sure to pack my spotting scope as well. Being able to set up a spotting scope and just glass mountain sides gives me the advantage on locating the elk to construct a game plan. I use the Minox MD50 W when I go elk hunting.  It is lightweight enough that I can throw it in my pack and not take up room while providing high magnification to allow me to get a good look at the animals I am chasing. When you are hunting spot and stalk elk, you definitely don’t want to be packing a lot of weight in your pack as you go up and down deep canyons while you are putting on the sneak. The size and weight of the MD 50 W is just right to take along with a nice lightweight tripod to set it up on.

Minox Spotting Scope MD50W

Once you spot the elk and you are putting the sneak on, you pack up your spotting scope and rely on your binoculars moving forward. A durable and lightweight set of binoculars is vital when spot and stalk hunting. Like I had mentioned, trekking up and down steep canyons is difficult as it is and having a heavy pair of binoculars will just be slowing you down. The BL 10x 44 binoculars from Minox provides just what you need. They are lightweight and quick to focus on the object which is what you want as you are putting the stalk on a herd of elk.

Minox Binoculars BL 10x44

As you are moving in closer to the elk, you need to stop and take a break every once in a while in order to make sure you are headed in the right direction and the elk haven’t decided to move in another direction. You always need to check on your progress as you move in to get a shot. You don’t want to just pick a spot and head that direction without stopping to check if the elk is still there. So always make sure that you can stay hidden but be able to check on the elk every now and then.

Minox binoculars 10x44 in Idaho

The key point is to take the time to glass and make sure you have some quality glass. It will surprise you how much you are missing if you just take the time to slowly scan a mountain side. It takes a lot of patients to just sit and glass but in the end you will see more animals. Best of luck and enjoy this time of year as you get out and scout for the upcoming season. Be safe and enjoy!

Minox BL 10x44 binoculars

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