Wednesday, June 5, 2013

KUIU Yukon Series

The Yukon line uses Dermizax® NX, a new waterproof breathable membrane offering twice the breathability as its closest competitor

Once again KUIU announces another new product, the KUIU Yukon Series. This one sounds just as awesome as the last. I wanted to spread the word about this new product because it sounds like it would be very beneficial and extremely comfortable. Now if you aren't familiar with KUIU, they are not in any department store so you can't just drive to the store and give it a try, but if you are like most of us, we do research online to gather as much information possible about a product before making a purchase.

KUIU Yukon Series Rain Gear

The series consists of a waterproof jacket, pant, glove and gaiter that come in their Verde or Vias pattern. Now with rain gear we all are familiar with the warmer weather, or even cooler weather, raining conditions feels like we are trapped. It's difficult to get breathability and waterproof protection to coincide. Recently KUIU announced that they will be using Toray Dermizax®NX breathable membrane and would be the first to do so.

Here is a little snippet about Toray Dermizax®NX:
This membrane has an industry leading 20,000mm/24hr & 40,000g/m2/24h waterproof to breathability rating that sets a new standard. The membrane is wind and waterproof, up to 200% stretch in both directions, twice as breathable as its closest competitor and up four times as breathable as most others waterproof fabrics.
KUIU bonded the Dermizax®NX membrane to an incredibly durable TORAY Primeflex® 100% Polyester face fabric that is quiet, abrasion resistant, 4-way stretch and treated with an industry leading Kudos®DWR by TORAY. A circular knit backer by TORAY is bonded to the inside, resulting in a very advanced 3-layer waterproof breathable fabric capable of maintaining comfort during extreme aerobic activity.

Be sure to check out their blog to find out more about the Yukon Series rain gear and each piece in this series. You can read more about the Yukon Jacket, Gloves, Gaiter, or Pants. KUIU is constantly working on improving their products and have always had the customer in mind while producing their camo. I have a set of rain gear that I use but it is not very quiet but it does keep me dry. I look forward to continue learning more about the latest from KUIU as they are always improving and coming out with new products. Be sure to follow the KUIU blog to find more about their other products as well.

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