Tuesday, May 21, 2013

KUIU's Tiburon System For Warmer Hunts

KUIU Tibuoron Warm Weather Camo System
KUIU Tiburon Warm Weather System

Recently, like just last week, KUIU annouced the release of their warm weather hunting system called Tiburon. I had the opportunity to read the latest release and read more about it on the KUIU blog and I must say, I'm excited for this system.

To me this sounds like a great set of camo that would work great for antelope season in August, elk season in September, and even as a layer into the late season. It gets very warm hunting for antelope and elk spot and stalk style in August and September. I'll admit it too, I sweat very easily. So when KUIU introduced a  warm weather hunting system claiming that it allows for maximum breathability, of course it perked my interest.

First off, the system is a Zip-T and Pant which are constructed from a unique Toray fabric advancement called Dot Air. One of the most important things to consider is the fabric of your camo. You want something that is durable, breathable, and quiet. This is where I think KUIU has exceeded expectations with the Tiburon system.

KUIU Tiburon close up

"Dot Air is constructed with micro-openings in the fabric designed to maximize breathability, allowing even the slightest breeze to pass through the fabric, keeping you cool in the warmest temperatures while still protecting you from the elements. The Tiburon system is 100% polyester, treated with Toray’s Kudos DWR for water repellency, quick drying, and most importantly quiet. Designed for versatility, both pieces can be worn next to skin, or over additional base layers in cooler temperatures."

Looking at the close up picture, you can see how is almost like a mesh type fabric only this fabric is a lot more durable than a pair of gym shorts. I would have to say that from the pictures and my reading, the Tiburon system is very versatile, breathable, and durable, KUIU has nailed it for a warm hunting system.

Weather in Idaho shifts so much just like many places. In August we will wake up to chilly temperatures in the morning and be up to 80-90 degree weather in the afternoon. So layering this system up next to my skin on those August antelope hunts would come in very handy. The versatility of using it like a base layer and then shedding the jacket to hunt in just the Tiburon system for the afternoon is very appealing.

“The Tiburon Zip-T and Pant are one of my favorite developments because it solves the problem of the wide temperature changes we face during summer and early fall hunts,” explains Jason Hariston, founder of KUIU. “I have tested the Tiburon on the coastal range in California during the summer in 100 degree heat and layered up underneath in 10 degree hunts in November.  I love the versatility of Tiburon.”

The Tiburon Zip-T and Pant comes in the Vias or Verde Camo pattern. The Zip-T weighs in at only 8.5 ounces while the Pants are only 12.5 ounces. A warm weather hunting system providing breathability, durability, and water repelling power at only 21 ounces is pretty outstanding. So what's the price for this system? The top comes in at $99.99 and the pant comes in at $139.99. While the price definitely isn't the cheapest around, the fact that they bypass the retail stores and sell directly to the consumer allows them to keep the price of the high quality clothing lower than if you were to buy it from a retail store.

KUIU Tiburon PantKUIU Tiburon Warm Weather Pant

So be sure to check them out and this is a brand new product so it currently isn't on the site yet, but you can preorder the Tiburon System by contacting KUIU. All around this looks like a great set up and I believe it will be a success for all the warm weather hunters out there looking for high quality camo.

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ABOUT KUIU: Based in Dixon, California, KUIU was founded in 2011 ­­­­­to provide customers with the world’s most advanced hunting layering system and equipment on the market. KUIU provides remarkable apparel and equipment that is light, packable, and dependable. By eliminating retailers and selling their products exclusively online, KUIU drives the ultimate shopping experience. They provide superior customer service, lower pricing, and the highest product quality. For additional information visit www.KUIU.com or call 1-855-367-5848 Monday-Friday from 9:00AM-5:00PM PST.


  1. I always look for polyester or nylon as an outer shell. Good Camo pattern and shading. Quick drying is a lifesaver.

    1. Definitely! Fast drying is a must when! I love the camo pattern on the KUIU clothing. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Been looking at their stuff for a while now. This looks very interesting for those early season Idaho hunts. Like you said freezing in the morning, 90 by afternoon. Thanks for the write up.

    1. Thanks Phillip. Yeah I have had my eye on KUIU for a while. Definitely have some great stuff that's for sure. The light weight and quality of material from what I have read is pretty unreal.