Friday, November 2, 2012

Documenting the Hunt

So recently I was asked to be a part of an elk hunting documentary called Elk Tour. This was a great opportunity to spend three days chasing elk in hopes of putting some meat in the freezer as well as capturing it all on film. I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning. I had been looking forward to this hunt and was counting down the days.

Day 1
My dad had taken the day before the hunt off and headed up and had set up camp while he patiently waited for my brother and me to meet up there. Once we got there we immediately began to plan what we were going to do the next morning. We finally narrowed it down and went to bed. That next morning we were up and headed out to the top of the ridge in hopes of hearing the elk screaming away. We made the climb and just as we got to the top, we heard a bull bugle off in the distance. My brother and I got all set up and my dad was set up further up the ridge calling. The adrenaline was going and we were all anxious to start seeing some elk. But unfortunately the elk never came into the calls.

We then made it around to our trail cameras we had on a water hole that we had found. We check the pictures to see if the elk were coming in for water and from both cameras we could tell that they were coming in occasionally but not as many elk as we would have liked to have seen. But they were coming into the water in the evenings, so we made a decision that I would sit up on the water hole that evening and my dad was going to sit down below near this meadow. As I sat up on the water hole, there was nothing moving. The elk weren’t talking and the night was closing in so I decided to hunt my way back down to where my dad was sitting.

As I came into the opening I could hear my dad cow calling so I made sure I was in the tree line as I slowly made my way closer. Just as I saw him he started waving to me to hurry over to him and pumping his fist; the universal sign of success......

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