Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When is it my turn?

It may sound like a pity post but in all honesty I am excited thus far for those around me having success. I posted not to long ago about my dad having a successful elk hunt, well there are others in the family as well as friends that have had success this year so I thought I would post their pictures as well to show them off.

First off my brother and his wife were sitting the tree stands at the same time and both ended up filling their tags. You can read about this hunt on my brother's blog Idaho Pursuit.

Archery Whitetails in Idaho
My Brother Kevin and his wife Sarah

I tweeted about it earlier in the season but my youngest brother ended up filling his tag and not only that it was his first with archery equipment. He was pretty stoked to say the least.

Idaho Archery Whitetail Doe
Brother Travis and his first Archery Deer

Then of course my dad once again fills another tag my taking this young buck during the rifle season. He has had a great year thus far with an elk and now a deer.

Idaho whitetail buck with rifle
Dad and his Whitetail Buck

My brother-in-law Rick had a great season as well and was fortunate enough to take a nice mule deer with his rifle this year. This is on my bucket list as I have yet to harvest a mule deer.

Idaho Mule Deer with Rifle
Brother-In-Law Rick with his Mule Deer
I am excited and happy for everyone that has had luck this season..... I am just hoping that my turn will be rolling around now that the late season archery hunt opens up on the first of November. With any luck this guy will be running around near my stand.....


  1. I think it is awesome to celebrate other people's successes, and I think it especially cool that you have so many hunters in what is obviously a great family. Great entry!

    1. Thanks Emre! We definitely love the outdoors. Glad you stopped by the blog.