Monday, October 8, 2012

My Archery Elk Season Recap

Idaho Elk Hunting Archery
Trying to find the mighty Wapiti

Elk hunting is a challenge in and of itself. Hunting isn't one of those things that you say, "I think I'll wake up today and go shoot an elk, or a deer, or bear, etc." It takes preparation, scouting, and time spent in the area that you are hunting in order to get your opportunities at shooting an animal. This year I started doing some scouting like I do best, using Google Earth. I found an area that looked very promising. While looking even closer I stumbled upon several ponds and became very excited. I hurried and emailed my dad the location of the ponds and he was just as excited as I was.

My brother Kevin and I made a trip up that way to try and find the ponds that I had found on the computer. We started scouting the area starting around the end of July. We went and set up several trail cameras in hopes of finding and patterning the elk. We only had a few hours available to head up and set trail cameras but once they were set we were like kids waiting for Christmas morning.

About two weeks later my dad and I ventured back in to pick up the trail cameras. We had set them up on several different trails and one was more in their bedding area. We were a little let down on the cameras we set up on the trail. We didn't get very many pictures and those pictures we got were just parts of animals. The bedding area proved to be a success though. We had several pictures of elk with a couple young bulls making an appearance.

Trail Camera Bull Elk
This Bull is the one in the videos below
We were very pleased and excited to see this guy as well as several other smaller bulls and spikes showing up. There weren't any state records but seeing elk and knowing that we had set up in a good spot was exactly what we were looking for. We had some good herds come in with cows, spikes, and bulls. There is nothing better than picking up your camera and finding pictures of animals.

Idaho Elk
Wide 5x5
Eventually my dad and I made it over to one of the ponds that I had found. We had placed our cameras on one of the ponds because some one had already set up a trail camera on the other pond. We loved the activity that we were seeing at the pond and were excited to set up our cameras.

Water Hole

So with them set up we began another long wait to head back up and check trail cameras. Again we were getting some good pictures and decent elk activity. There still weren't any jaw dropping monsters coming in but there was plenty of great elk activity. I found out also that my trail camera was actually taking video along with snapping some pictures. Pretty cool seeing these animals coming in on video. Here's a few that I really liked.

This was promising and a pleasant surprise to find that my trail camera was taking video. I had no idea. We had several hunting trips up in that area and there were several close encounters. But in one of my recent posts I highlighted our Successful Elk Hunt that was accomplished by my dad. Needless to say we had a great archery season for elk. Close encounters, beautiful country, and great company makes hunting elk worth it. 

My Dad's Elk
Be sure to read the story about our Successful Elk Hunt to see how my dad got this bull.

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