Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exciting Weekend Ahead - #ElkTour

It has finally arrived! Tomorrow evening I'll be meeting up with Rudy from Huntography to begin our portion of ElkTour. I spoke with Rudy last night and it sounds like they've had some close encounters thus far. I'm hoping that he brings that luck with him this week and we'll have some close encounters as well.

My brother and dad have been hunting up in our elk spot the last couple weekends and have seen a lot of great sign but haven't had shots at any elk yet. I haven't gotten out yet due to the fact that I've wanted to spend more time with our newest addition so I have just been hearing how they have been doing. This last weekend though both of them saw some sign that was a little uneasy for us. Lately there have been several reports of grizzly up in that area. Now we always knew that we hunt in grizzly country but haven't seen much sign but then my dad ran across this tree that was all scratched up! You can read about this and my brother's encounter with a young wolf all in the same trip on his blog: Idaho Pursuit.

Grizzly Claws Tree
Grizzly Claw Marks on the Tree
There's no doubt that we'll be fine and I am looking forward to getting out and hunting with my dad and my brothers this weekend. I am also very excited to be able to have Rudy come along as well to film and share the experience with us. We will all be carrying our bear spray and sidearms that's for sure. We have gotten several elk on our trail cameras and have one who keeps coming in pretty regularly which I'm hoping to put my tag on. I'll be sending updates on the hunt whenever I have cell phone service and when I can but be sure to check back next week for an update on how ElkTour went for us here in Idaho.

Rocky Mountain Elk in Idaho
Trail camera pic of Whale Tail
Also a little side note is that my buddy Will over at The Will to Hunt has a trail camera photo contest that you all should go and vote for the best picture. You can find this picture of Whale Tail on the list of finalists but in all honesty just go and vote for which one you think is the best trail camera picture. There are some great pictures of some bruisers that's for sure!

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