Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Successful Elk Hunt

Idaho Back Country
Glassing for Elk
Last week my brother, my dad, and myself headed up to our hunting spot where we met up with Rudy from Huntography. It was our turn to try and get an elk on film for the ElkTour DVD that he was putting together. This was a great opportunity and had a blast all weekend. After hearing the stories from the other groups like Emily and her group as well as Eric and Nate from, I was a little nervous. I was hoping we could get into the elk like they did.

I had been looking forward to this weekend to get out and go hunting for the fact that I haven't gotten a chance to get out. I don't regret not getting out because I have been spending time with my wife and my two boys. As much as I enjoy hunting, family definitely comes first and we just had our second son two days before the season opener. I was happy to stay home and was happy to get out for a few days.

Needless to say without giving away too much about our portion of the ElkTour, we did have some close calls with some elk. We had a small herd come in but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to draw on any of them. With the fallen timber I wasn't able to get a clear shot. We ended up getting into the elk and had an exciting time chasing them trying to seal the deal. I think we wore Rudy out from walking so much....

Rudy Catching Some ZZZZZ's

Although I never drew on an elk, my dad did and was successful. He shot a nice 4x5 rag horn bull that has some real nice character. This is definitely one of the most unique looking elk I have seen. It was a great way to share the hunt with my family and have Rudy there to capture us on video. Unfortunately we weren't able to get the kill on video, but we did have some back straps for dinner that night around the campfire.

Non typical Elk
My dad and his Stag Looking Elk

Be sure to check out Huntography for the release of the DVD to pick up all the action. You can also read a little bit about Emily's hunt with Rudy on her blog: From The Draw and be sure you check out my brother's side of the story over at his blog: Idaho Pursuit.

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