Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Break

So I recently have taken some time off from blogging but for good reasons. Being a good dad and husband is priority number one for me and just last week I was blessed to welcome our second boy into our home. He was born on August 28th and we couldn't be happier.

Just relaxing at the Hospital
Proud Big Brother

It has been fun just relaxing and not worrying about work. Also the season has started and my brothers and my dad went out on opening day to hunt. Opening day was the 30th so only two days after my son was born. As much as I wanted to be in a tree waiting for some whitetails, I was much happier snuggling with my new addition.

My youngest brother was out on opening morning and he wanted to get his first animal with his bow. We all drew out on a controlled extra whitetail doe tag. So we can shoot a whitetail doe plus hunt with our general deer tag as well. My brother hasn't shot anything with his bow so he was excited on opening day as he bagged himself a nice doe! 

East Idaho Whitetail Doe
Travis and his first Archery Kill
I'm excited for him and he was pretty pumped to finally get a bow kill. I am excited to get out and start chasing deer and elk with my brothers and my dad. Hope everyone else is having some success getting out in the woods. Good luck!


  1. Awesome times, Dustin! Congrats on the new addition!

    1. Thanks Mark! It definitely is a good time that's for sure. Kids are so much fun.