Tuesday, July 31, 2012


A New Name

I wanted to get away from the title of Bone Collector and start being more individual. When I created this blog I had no idea what would come of it and there are some positive things happening that I didn't want to eventually come back and bite me due to my site name. This has made me very nervous so I hope this goes smoothly.

High Country Bowhunter

The new blog name will be High Country Bowhunter. Change is always hard but I feel like this will be for the better. No worries I will still be blogging about the same stuff, just a new name. So now is where I need your help. If you have linked to my site, I will need your help to update to my new site: High Country Bowhunter. I will have a 401 Redirect but I would appreciate any help that I can get to update the links you may have linking back to me. I appreciate all your help in this and I am looking forward to sharing some great posts!

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