Monday, June 25, 2012

Button Buck - Review

Original Button Buck Shirt
Fynch Sporting His New "Deer Shirt"
If your kids love the outdoors as much as my son does, then you want some clothes to reflect that. Now you can go pick up some cheesy outdoor stuff or you can pick up some Button Buck clothes. All of the designs that are on their clothing line are simple and not cheesy at all. It represents the love for hunting and the outdoors without being in your face and loud. Which in my opinion a lot of shirts can be. I love the approach that Brad and Lauren have taken to the outdoor clothing line of Button Buck.

Playing with worms - Button BuckSo with that being said my son was super excited when he saw his new shirt. He'll be turning 3 this August and he loves to be outside. He loves to go fishing, hunting, and camping so when he saw his "deer shirt" his face lit up. It was kind of funny because I think I was just as excited as he was. I personally couldn't wait to get him into the shirt.

Fynch (my son) had received the Original Button Buck T-Shirt and the first thing I noticed when I held the shirt was how soft it was. Having a soft shirt but quality material is key for comfort for kids. If you're kids aren't comfortable in their clothes they won't enjoy it and they'll let you know. He wore his shirt all day long with no complaints. I think one of the main reasons was the fact that there wasn't a tag bugging him. The shirts come with a printed tag to avoid the nuisance of a constant itch or poke from a tag.

So if you have kids, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. be sure to head over and check out Button Buck. You won't be disappointed, and neither will your kids. Get them some clothing that represents what they enjoy without being cheesy.

Button Buck Clothing
Fynch out Fishing
Button Buck Shirt Fishing
Catching Fish with Mom
Button Buck Clothing
Fynch and his Catch


  1. Yeah I need to contact these guys and get my baby girl some clothes... Sarah and I will be doing newborn pictures of here when she is just a few weeks old. I'll see what I can do about decking her out in this stuff.

    1. Most definitely! They have some awesome stuff!

  2. Thanks Dustin! Great review! Totally cute kids! We love seeing kids living the outdoor lifestyle and you definately know how to get after it!


    Brad Christian

    1. Thank you Brad! He has definitely caught fire with the outdoor lifestyle.. He's always wanting to be outside.. Just like his dad!

  3. Right on Kevin! We love seeing folks like you who are totally engulfed with the hunting lifestyle! Our newborn picts of our girls were the same way! We're honored you'd think of us! Cheers!

    Brad Christian, Button Buck™
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