Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Idaho Hunt Planner

So the time is drawing near and it is time to put in for your Elk, Deer, Pronghorn, and Bear controlled hunts here in Idaho. You have from May 1st - June 5th to put in for these hunts. So what happens when you draw out on a hunt that you put in for? The Idaho Fish and Game Website has a great feature called Idaho Hunt Planner. This is a great interactive tool to help search through the hunting regulations and help plan your hunt in Idaho. But they do preface the tool as not being the official printed rules and to refer to the printed regulations for the current rules. 

This is a great tool to help search for a hunt and find out the harvest statistics as well as the drawing odds for the hunt. You can also create your own maps and overlay layers including hunt boundaries, topography, aerial photos, and land management. Here is some of the information I pulled from the Fish and Game Website:

The Idaho Hunt Planner is an interactive search and mapping engine for our Hunting Regulations, but not the official printed rules available in pdf format online and and at local stores and license vendors.

Search For A Hunt 
  • Hunt Planner
    Answer what, where, when and how to display matching hunts. Use advanced options to refine your results using harvest statistics and drawing odds.
  • Trip Planner
    Your tool to search for multiple game animals and weapons.
  • Search Drawing Odds*
    Find current hunts that have historically had the drawing odds you desire.
  • Search Harvest Statistics*
    Current regulations tied to past harvest statistics.
  • Browse Harvest Statistics
    View tables of harvest statistics by Species, Weapon, Season and Year
    * Note that Hunt Planner will also search Drawing Odds and Harvest Statistics while limiting your results for a specific area and time period.

Review Hunt Area Maps
  • Map Center
    Make your own maps. Pan, zoom and overlay layers including hunt boundaries, topography, aerial photos and land management.
  • 2012 Hunt Area Map Index
    Find the hunt boundary you are looking for and jump directly to maps and information.
  • Download Shapefiles or Google Earth Layers
    Game Management Units, Elk Zones, Controlled Hunt Areas, Access Yes Properties and other layers from the Map Center.

Browse by Fish & Game Region

Apps Built on the Huntplanner!

iPhone Screenshot of Big Game Regs
Screen Shot of the Huntplanner

Now available for Android and iPhone Big Game Regs is a location-based hunting regulation application, Big Game Regs.

Drop a pin and it will display all the hunts that occur for an animal at that location. The app is ideal for a sportsman planning a hunt, checking compliance while in the field using your GPS, or simply learning more about specific regulations. The app is free and comes with a sample demo-season to play with and learn the functionality. Seasons are available to purchase by state and year using in-app purchases.

View Hunts by Species

The information above was found at the Idaho Fish and Game website.

I have been playing around with the app and have found it very useful and extremely helpful. It uses your GPS on your phone for you to see which unit you are in, and from there you can see the regulations for that area. You can see the species that are available and the season. All in all this is a great app and best of all it is FREE but only comes with the demo-season to get familiar with the program. They do have seasons available for purchase in the iTunes store and are reasonably priced at $5.99 and the app currently has data for the following states:

Idaho 2011-2012 Season $5.99
Colorado 2012-2013 Season $5.99
Montana 2012-2013 Season $5.99
Washington 2011-2012 Season $5.99
Pennsylvania 2011-2012 Season $1.99
Information and prices were found in the app from the iTunes store on 5/14/2012 


  1. Idaho is one state I would love to hunt some day! I know who I will be calling once I put in, too!!

    1. Well it isn't too terribly far from California and great Nonresident opportunities too! I hope you do give me a call if you decide to put in or even just come on out!

  2. Lots of great information here Dustin! I hope to hunt a gray wolf in Idaho someday, possibly elk too. Since I don't have residency status in Wyoming anymore, Idaho offers the best opportunity to hunt a Wilderness area for elk.

    1. Most definitely. I am a little biased but if you ever do come out I hope to hear from you. There are definitely some great elk hunting opportunities for non residents with OTC tags.

  3. Just downloaded the android app. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed reading your blog. =)