Monday, February 6, 2012

Bow America - Goose with my Bow

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Ever since I can remember our family has been going goose hunting on Thanksgiving here in Eastern Idaho. This year as we were making our plans we found out that my two brothers were not going to be able to go with us. My dad and I decided since we still had our late whitetail tags we would head out to our stands near our house to try and catch a glimpse of some whitetails instead. I grabbed my trusty traditional recurve and we took off in hopes of seeing "Da turdy point buck".

We climbed into our stands and began the day. As we sat in the cold December air, geese and ducks were flying over head. This continued for a couple of hours and I sent my dad a text message asking if he has seen any activity, because on my end it was pretty dead. He responded by saying that we should have gone goose hunting. Another hour passed by and just when I thought there was no hope, I heard some movement directly behind me. I got excited but had to contain my excitement as to not scare whatever is behind me. I slowly turned my head and heard the animal moving through the thick trees. As I listened and watched for it to make its appearance I caught a glimpse of what looked like antlers. My stomach dropped. It was getting closer and closer. Finally the trees were thin enough to make out the animal and, to my disappointment, I saw a young bull moose. I watched the young guy walk around and stand right underneath my tree stand.

By now my dad and I were getting hungry so we decided to make our way out of our stands. I had to try and get the attention of the moose and hope he would scamper off. So I started breaking off twigs from the tree and tossing them down hoping to get his attention. I started getting worried as I was running out of twigs so I slowly started lowering my pack from my stand and wiggling my pack in front of him. It took some coaxing but it worked and he finally left. I met up with my dad and as we were walking out we heard a bunch of geese in a nearby field. My dad told me a story about how he had snuck up on some geese and was able to bag one with his bow. To me this sounded like a challenge.

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