Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bogus Challenge 3-D Archery Shoot

I love 3-D shoots. Especially ones of this caliber. Steve Speck of S&S Archery is putting together a 3-D Archery Shoot, or rather, a 3-D Archery Event that will definitely be a challenge and lots of fun for everyone. It is called The Bogus Challenge and will be held at the Bogus Basin Ski Resort in Boise, Idaho the weekend of June 23-24. The Bogus Challenge offers 5 different courses to shoot. Here is the description of two of the courses that I found on the website.

Pure Elevation Course:

This will be the main course and attraction for the shoot. Sponsored by Pure Elevation Productions the course will challenge the archer both physically and mentally. The course will have shots that in most situations would be unethical hunting shots. However I feel as archers we need to be constantly pushing ourselves to become better shots and this course will do that. There will be some long distance shots (around 70-80 yards) but there will also be shots designed so that the archer needs to know the flight of his arrow and what he/she can or cannot get away with. The course won’t be marked yardage but rangefinders will be allowed.

I want everyone to be able to shoot with their buddies during the shoot and have fun so instead of putting the competitors into flights everyone who wants to compete for the $1k prize will have to have their scores posted by 4 pm. The top 10 shooters will then go into a 5 target shoot off starting from zero with their score. If you are willing to lie about your actual score during the day you better be ready to be called out at the shoot off.

The winner of the Pure Elevation Course will take home $1,000.00!!!


Train to Hunt Course:
This course is brought to you by Dan Stanton and the Train-to-hunt crew. It will consist of 5 targets and will be a timed event designed to push the archer to his physical limits. While wearing a loaded down pack the archer will race through the course as fast as possible while still maintaining composure enough to accurately shoot his bow. A combination of your time and score will make up the final score.

With a $1000 prize to the winner of the Pure Elevation Challenge, elk calling and bow tuning seminars, raffles, prizes, who wouldn't want to attend! This is going to be an excellent shoot and I look forward to attending that's for sure. So be sure to check it out and mark your calendars.


  1. I think we should go for sure! It sounds like a blast

  2. Sounds like an awesome shoot! Especially the Train to Hunt course. Too bad Boise is so far away, I would be in!