Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PSE King Fisher

During Christmas I received some gift cards to Sportsman's Warehouse and they were burning a hole in my pocket. I had been to Sportsman's several times, coming up with some ideas of what I wanted to buy. My list was starting to get longer and longer each time I went. I finally told myself that I had to start narrowing my list before I ended up buying the entire store (which is a dream of mine). I finally decided to purchase the PSE King Fisher Bowfishing Kit.

I have never been bowfishing but I have always wanted to get into it. I have taken this out of the box and put it together but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I am waiting for spring to go chase some carp. The only issue I had with the kit so far was just the miss information on the box. The box mentions that it comes with a roller rest and instead it has the PSE Snapshot rest. I am not complaining because I would prefer to have the Snapshot rest, I just thought it was odd not to at least have it printed on there that they had a different rest in the box.

I look forward to spring when I can put this to the test and am open to any tips or suggestions on bowfishing. I have never been but I will be going out this spring to try and get some carp. I will be doing some mad research about bowfishing in hopes to arrow me a nice carp this spring.


  1. Nice man, welcome to the world of obsession and good times.


  2. Thanks Tony! I'm sure excited to fling some arrows this spring.