Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coyote Hunt. . . Take II

Well we finally got a couple inches of snow and I have a Saturday morning that I am free. My brother and I decided to give this coyote hunting another go.

We woke up to a typical January morning in Idaho with snow on the ground and 19 degrees. It finally feels like an Idaho winter (besides the whopping 2-3 inches of snow vs feet that we usually have). So my brother and I made it out to the spot that I had a couple coyotes come in to my calls a few weeks ago. We sat and started calling, waiting, and calling. Nothing.

We sat and called in hopes of some coyote wandering in, but no luck. We decided to take a walk around the area to see if we could find one that way. We never saw any coyotes but we did find out where they were hanging out. Check out these tracks:

You can tell that they were hanging out on this little hill and one was sitting down. My brother found a huge coyote track and took a picture next to his size ten Sorel Pac Boots.

So this adventure ended with no coyotes shot or seen but we now have a new spot to try and eventually get some coyotes to come in.


  1. Nice post! That's a big 'yote track.

  2. Thanks Adam. we did find a few of these bigger coyote tracks. Hopefully we can find some coyotes next time.