Saturday, January 28, 2012

Coyote Hunt. . . Take II

Well we finally got a couple inches of snow and I have a Saturday morning that I am free. My brother and I decided to give this coyote hunting another go.

We woke up to a typical January morning in Idaho with snow on the ground and 19 degrees. It finally feels like an Idaho winter (besides the whopping 2-3 inches of snow vs feet that we usually have). So my brother and I made it out to the spot that I had a couple coyotes come in to my calls a few weeks ago. We sat and started calling, waiting, and calling. Nothing.

We sat and called in hopes of some coyote wandering in, but no luck. We decided to take a walk around the area to see if we could find one that way. We never saw any coyotes but we did find out where they were hanging out. Check out these tracks:

You can tell that they were hanging out on this little hill and one was sitting down. My brother found a huge coyote track and took a picture next to his size ten Sorel Pac Boots.

So this adventure ended with no coyotes shot or seen but we now have a new spot to try and eventually get some coyotes to come in.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

PSE King Fisher

During Christmas I received some gift cards to Sportsman's Warehouse and they were burning a hole in my pocket. I had been to Sportsman's several times, coming up with some ideas of what I wanted to buy. My list was starting to get longer and longer each time I went. I finally told myself that I had to start narrowing my list before I ended up buying the entire store (which is a dream of mine). I finally decided to purchase the PSE King Fisher Bowfishing Kit.

I have never been bowfishing but I have always wanted to get into it. I have taken this out of the box and put it together but I haven't had a chance to try it out yet. I am waiting for spring to go chase some carp. The only issue I had with the kit so far was just the miss information on the box. The box mentions that it comes with a roller rest and instead it has the PSE Snapshot rest. I am not complaining because I would prefer to have the Snapshot rest, I just thought it was odd not to at least have it printed on there that they had a different rest in the box.

I look forward to spring when I can put this to the test and am open to any tips or suggestions on bowfishing. I have never been but I will be going out this spring to try and get some carp. I will be doing some mad research about bowfishing in hopes to arrow me a nice carp this spring.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wile E Coyote

So for Christmas Santa brought dropped off an Electronic Johny Stewart PT-2 Predator Call. This was such a surprise because I secretly have been wanting to go but never voiced it so Santa was particularly nice this year. I was excited and I think my wife was ready to get me out of the house with me playing around with the call in the house. It comes with a remote with a range of 50 yards, it has an 8-ohm, .5-watt speaker that pivots 180 degrees. The remote uses a 12-volt battery and the base unit uses four AA batteries. This particular one came with the following calls: Cotton Tail - Howls - Coyote Pup - Fawn - Jack Rabbit. All of which my wife has heard over and over.

So I finally got to go (I think I annoyed my wife enough). Since the deer and elk season were over, my brother and I decided to try our hand at hunting some coyotes. We knew a place where the coyotes have been running around so we thought we would give it a shot. That day it rained and poured all day long. I was second guessing my decision to go but my brother was very persistent on going. The wind was howling all day long as well. Needless to say we set up, set out my call, and froze our rears off. It was so windy we couldn't even hear my call that was a mere 25 yards away. Our first Coyote hunting trip. . . Nothing.

The following week I decided I was going to get out and try it again. The a few days before it had snowed so I was super excited. Now this was not enough to get very excited about but we haven't had any snow (even still today). So this day I set up by myself in a different location and this time it was as calm as can be. It was a cold crisp day and I started calling. This was only my second time remember so I was still experimenting. I called and scanned the sage brush. Nothing. I waited 5 minutes. Called. Scanned the sage brush. Nothing. Now most people would think that this was a failure and pack up and leave but really, I was taking in the joy of being outside and hunting. After a couple hours of calling and just relaxing (I was calling sparingly) I thought it was time to go. Just then motion caught my eye. I saw a coyote about 200 yards out there walking away from me. I pushed the call once and he stopped. I raised my rifle and just as I did so he bolted. I tried to get a shot off as he was running but he was weaving in and out of the sage brush. No clean shot presented itself.

I had to get going soon so I packed up and headed down to see his tracks. As I made it out to where he was I noticed there were three sets of tracks! I had coyotes coming in but I just couldn't see them. That was reassuring knowing that at least my calling technique was working. I just need to work on my spotting skills. The sage brush where I was hunting can be as tall as you so it made it hard to spot these little critters. But I will continue to figure out and shoot some coyotes.