Friday, December 21, 2012

#ElkTour 2012 Trailer Released!

If you recall from some of my previous posts, Rudy over at Huntography (who has been going around filming some great people deer hunting) decided to give it a try with a group of elk hunters. I was privileged to be a part of it and Rudy has been doing some serious work putting this together. He traveled to Colorado and filmed Troy (@G2GExtreme) and Emily (@FromtheDraw) husband and wife, then brothers Eric (@DIYbowhunter) and Nate in Colorado, and finished up in Idaho with my brother Kevin (@Kevin26Jones), my dad Mike, and myself.

Well the time is coming. Rudy put together the trailer for #ElkTour 2012 and needless to say I am excited to see the finished project. Here is the trailer.....

The DVD is going to be released in 2013 and Rudy's goal is to submit the DVD to the Full Draw Film Tour. Rudy will also be offering it for free during the limited release, so if you are wanting to be in on the scoop make sure you head over and sign up to know when it is available to get your copy! And if you aren't following this guy you better go follow Rudy @Huntography!

Again I felt very fortunate to be able to be a part of this group. A big thanks to Rudy and all his hard work! looking forward to the entire DVD!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

CRKT Free Range Hunter Giveaway Winner

The moment everyone has been waiting for is here. As much as I hate to see this knife go it's time to announce the winner of the CRKT Free Range Hunter knife. Drumroll please................

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Congratulations Steven Gendreau! You are the winner! Send me an email via the contact page with your shipping address and I'll get the knife sent out to you this week.

Thanks to everyone who entered! Hope each and everyone of you have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CRKT Knife Review and Giveaway

Hunting Knife CRKT
CRKT Free Range Hunter
Recently I was given the opportunity to review the Free Range Hunter fixed blade from CRKT and couldn't refuse. I have been trying hard to shoot a deer to give this knife something to cut but as of today I still have my tag in my pocket. I'm hoping this weekend I'll arrow myself a deer and if I do I'll let the Free Range Hunter do some work and give an update on how well it cuts, but from what I can tell it would have no problem with any animal.

The Free Range Hunter series from CRKT is designed by Russ Kommer who has been a commercial hunting guide since 1980. Here is some info about Russ from the CRKT website:
"Russ Kommer started making knives when one of his hunter clients brought a custom knife and dressed an entire moose without sharpening it. He began working with noted Alaskan knifemaker John Shore, who took Russ into his shop and showed him how to grind. He began making his own line of knives in 1997, and his custom catalog shows a range of fixed blade knives, including Bowie and Camp Knives, Fillet Knives, Hunters, Fighters and Boot Knives, all available with a variety of exotic handles and with engraving. He is the designer of the CRKT Bear Claw, Big Eddy, hunting knives including our Pro and Signature Hunters, 30-30, and Surf 'N Turf, plus the Kommer Fulcrum and I.F.B. He says, "I set out to make a quality knife that would perform and be comfortable to handle. I have found knifemaking to be my calling, and would like to thank all the people who have helped me along the way!"
The first thing I noticed about the knife when I took it out of the box was how light weight it was. It weighs in at a mere 3.6 ounces for an overall knife length of 9 inches.  Here are the specs on the knife from the CRKT Website:

Hunting Knife from CRKTDimensions
Overall Length - 9.0625 inches
Weight - 3.6 ounces

Length - 4.25 inches
Thickness - 0.135 inches
Material - 8Cr13MoV
Blade-HRC - 58-59
Finish - Satin
Grind - Hollow
Style - Clip Point
Edge - Plain

Handle - Double Injection

Carry System - Sheath
Weight - 3.3 ounces

The knife is very light weight but you can tell that it is very durable and candle a beating. It feels very comfortable in my hand with the finger grooves and it is very evident that the knife won't slip out of my hand because the grip is constructed of both hard and soft polymers, hence the double injection. It is a hard durable handle but has the grip that you need, I feel like I have complete control of the knife while holding it. I even let my wife hold the knife and asked her how it felt in her hand. She mentioned the finger grooves made it comfortable to hold so even in smaller hands it feels comfortable to hold.

CRKT Free Range Hunter

The knife is very sharp right out of the box. I have of course yet to cut anything so I can't comment on how well it keeps an edge but from what I have read there have been many positive reviews about how well it does keep it's edge. The best thing about this knife is the value. This is a high quality knife that you can pick up from the CRKT website for only $49. Being able to pick up a knife designed by a professional hunting guide that is sharp right out of the box for that price is hard to beat.

CRKT Hunting Knife
CRKT Free Range Hunter
Overall I really like the Free Range Hunter both for the design and the price. The sheath also has paracord weaved around it and the knife securely snaps into the sheath to prevent it from falling out. I think the overall design of the knife and the quality makes it a steal and would definitely recommend this to my hunting buddies looking for a quality blade at a reasonable price. You will be getting a high quality hunting knife for a very reasonable price in my opinion.

As much as I would love to keep this knife for myself, I am going to be giving this knife away to one of you. I am using Rafflecopter so follow the instructions and good luck!

You must click on the +2 or +1 next to the task in the Rafflecopter in order to be entered to win. 

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Monday, December 10, 2012

Benefits of Hunting From a Tree Stand

Treestand hunting
View from 25 Feet

Hunting can be done in many different ways. You can set up and do a spot and stalk hunt, set up a ground blind, or even set up a tree stand. Whichever way you choose to hunt the key is to stay out of view. There are many instances where one set up would be preferred over the other but I want to focus on a couple of the benefits of sitting in a tree stand.

One of the major benefits of sitting in a tree stand is obviously being above the animal you are hunting. When you are up in a tree you are able to see further which can help you prepare for your shot. As you watch that animal make its way towards you, you can prepare yourself mentally as well as physically. When I see that deer or elk moving in closer, I start to determine where he will come walking by and where my shot will be. Then as quietly as possible I start to position myself while watching the animal so that I am not getting busted. They still look up in the trees so it is important to make very subtle movements as you are preparing for the shot......

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hogzilla Light Review Part 2

I posted a while ago about my first thoughts on the Hogzilla LED Flashlight that I had received and I have been waiting for the perfect time and perfect opportunity to review this light. Now the light set up that I received was a the Bow Hog. I haven't put it on my bow yet so I decided to put it on a gun. As I was looking at which gun I was going to put it on, my dad actually showed me his Ruger 10/22 that he decided to deck out with an x-ring barrel from Tactical Solutions. I thought that this was a perfect gun to throw the Hogzilla light on.

Mounting the light to barrel of the rifle was very simple and easy.  The clamp attaches to the barrel and the flashlight easily without any tools which makes attaching and removing it very easily. Here are some pictures of the flashlight attached

Hogzilla Flashlight Ruger 10/22
The Hogzilla on the Ruger 10/22
Ruger 10/22 Rifle with Hogzilla LED light
Ruger 10/22 Tactical with Hogzilla Light
LED Flahslight Hogzilla

The Hogzilla comes with a pressure switch so you can press it down and it turns the light on momentarily so you don't have to have it on constantly. I love this feature because when you're out hunting coyotes in the dark, you won't give away your location by constantly having a light on.

Pressure Switch Hogzilla
Momentary Pressure Switch

Hogzilla LED Light Green
Green LED Hogzilla Light
Here are some tech specs:

  • Length: 6 inches
  • Weight with battery: 6.5 ounces
  • Material: T6061 aircraft grade aluminum
  • Battery: Rechargable 3.7 Volt Lithium Ion
  • Battery Life: 2-3 hours
  • Momentary Pressure Switch

I haven't been able to get out and hunt coyotes with this yet but just to give you an idea of what the light looks like we took some pictures with it around the house.

Ruger 10/22 HogzillaTactical rifle with Hogzilla light

The fence post you can see in the picture is about 60-70 yards away. With the Hogzilla light it was very easy to see out to 200 yards with the scope.

The one thing I would suggest and it is a minor thing is some way to attach the pressure switch to your bow or gun. Like I said this is minor and I'm sure there are many people out there that would rig it up the way they want to anyway.

All things considered I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for an LED hunting light. It is very light weight and adding it to a bow would not be a major problem. My deer season ends mid December and then I will be putting this on my bow in hopes of shooting a coyote at night. Overall I was very pleased with this flashlight. If you hunt hogs, predators, or just are able to legally hunt at night this is a must have. It is very easy to attach to your weapon. 

As with all reviews on High Country Bowhunter, the following review is my honest opinion, I received the Hogzilla LED Flashlight  and agreed to provide a review in exchange. I am not sponsored by or associated with Hogzilla Lights and accepting no other compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review.  My independent status may change in the future but, as of the date of publication, no relationship other than described above has been pursued or established.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Bowhunting Practice Techniques

We have all heard the saying “practice makes perfect.” While I believe this to be true, I feel like there is more to practice than just practice itself. Shooting your bow often will help strengthen the muscles that are being used as well as building the muscle memory. Now don’t get me wrong, this is all good practice but here are a few ways to become a better archery hunter.

Practicing Bowhunting Techniques
Sarah my Sister-In-Law 

1. Set Up in Different Scenarios

As nice as it would be to always have an animal come in at 20 yards and stand there broadside with nothing between you or them, let’s be honest, it doesn’t always happen. Set Up several different realistic scenarios in which you think you might get a shot. When I am spot and stalk hunting for deer or elk, I need to use the trees, rocks, or sagebrush for cover. I try and recreate some of these situations by setting up my target and actually trying to sneak up on it and draw while trying to stay covered then slowly peek around and place an accurate shot.

Bowhunting Practice
My brother Travis at the 3-D archery shoot

2. Shoot How You’ll Hunt

This is one that I strive to focus a lot of my attention. There are different times of the year that you hunt which requires different clothing. This is why I practice often so as the seasons change, I will know how I shoot with certain layers on. Now building the muscle memory and being consistent in your form won’t change, but you may find that one extra layer could be getting hit by the string as you shoot so you need to add a shooting sleeve over that layer. It will feel different when you have a hunting pack on. There have been plenty of times when hiking in with my pack on I get an opportunity at an animal. By practicing with my pack on I have the confidence knowing I can make that shot.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Documenting the Hunt

So recently I was asked to be a part of an elk hunting documentary called Elk Tour. This was a great opportunity to spend three days chasing elk in hopes of putting some meat in the freezer as well as capturing it all on film. I was like a little kid waiting for Christmas morning. I had been looking forward to this hunt and was counting down the days.

Day 1
My dad had taken the day before the hunt off and headed up and had set up camp while he patiently waited for my brother and me to meet up there. Once we got there we immediately began to plan what we were going to do the next morning. We finally narrowed it down and went to bed. That next morning we were up and headed out to the top of the ridge in hopes of hearing the elk screaming away. We made the climb and just as we got to the top, we heard a bull bugle off in the distance. My brother and I got all set up and my dad was set up further up the ridge calling. The adrenaline was going and we were all anxious to start seeing some elk. But unfortunately the elk never came into the calls.

We then made it around to our trail cameras we had on a water hole that we had found. We check the pictures to see if the elk were coming in for water and from both cameras we could tell that they were coming in occasionally but not as many elk as we would have liked to have seen. But they were coming into the water in the evenings, so we made a decision that I would sit up on the water hole that evening and my dad was going to sit down below near this meadow. As I sat up on the water hole, there was nothing moving. The elk weren’t talking and the night was closing in so I decided to hunt my way back down to where my dad was sitting.

As I came into the opening I could hear my dad cow calling so I made sure I was in the tree line as I slowly made my way closer. Just as I saw him he started waving to me to hurry over to him and pumping his fist; the universal sign of success......

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Hunter's First Deer

As much as I want it to be my turn to put my tag on an animal, I have been fortunate enough to have tagged along on a couple successful hunts this season. Recently a friend of mine came to me and asked me if I could help him go deer hunting and like most of us it takes a lot to get me to go deer hunting (insert sarcasm). So with that being said we sat down and I helped him pick out which tag he would have the best options of shooting a deer.

We headed out to an area that has big deer potential but also to scout the area for elk. He wanted to try and get an elk as well but that didn't open until the following weekend which unfortunately I was going to be out of town for. So we decided that we would head up in this area and scout for elk while we hunted for deer.

Game Trail in Idaho
Mountain Trail
We did lots of walking but there was nothing better than being out in the woods walking through the beautiful fall weather. My buddy mentioned to me that he probably brought the bad luck because every time he has ever gone deer hunting, he has never seen a deer. This made it even more of a challenge for me to at least get him to see a deer. We pushed on and then not to long after we started hearing something running through the brush so we hustled to an opening and got our rifles ready....

Shiras Moose Idaho
Momma Moose and her Calf
We crossed paths with a cow moose and her calf. This was cool to watch her and her calf stare us down. As we were watching this my buddy said that this was the first time he has seen a moose "in the wild". Even though we live in town, we live close enough to the river that sometimes we get moose wandering through town. So he thought it was pretty cool to see these moose in their natural setting.

With all of our walking and luck in the higher mountain country, we decided to make our way closer to the river and hunt near there. This proved to be a better option. Within about 100 yards of getting into the brush we jumped a whitetail. I motioned to my friend and we slowly started making our way in the deer's direction. We ended up jumping the deer another time but we were pretty close to the river by now and knew it could go very far. We then came out right next to the river and I saw some track headed across the mud onto a finger of the river.

I told my buddy to set up where the tracks were and I was going to push that section and if the deer is there it will come right back across this spot. I knew this because where the deer crossed, it was just a little sliver of land surrounded by the river. I knew that if I walked down that sliver, the deer would circle around behind me and cross right back where it came.

It was pretty thick cover and I made my way down and as I got to the end of the little sliver of land I heard something get up and run behind me. I waited for it and sure enough I heard a shot ring out, then another, and then a third. I ran over to the edge and saw my friend jumping up and down and running across the mud. I made my way over there and he started hollering "I shot a deer! I shot a deer!" You couldn't wipe the grin of of his face.

Whitetail Doe in Idaho
Spencer's First Deer
The smile on his face says it all! Grinning from ear to ear he kept recounting the story and living in the moment.

Whitetail Tag Idaho

I was excited to be able to have been there to help and be a part of this experience. I know that this will be one that I won't forget and I know that he won't either.

He Insisted to carry it out..

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

When is it my turn?

It may sound like a pity post but in all honesty I am excited thus far for those around me having success. I posted not to long ago about my dad having a successful elk hunt, well there are others in the family as well as friends that have had success this year so I thought I would post their pictures as well to show them off.

First off my brother and his wife were sitting the tree stands at the same time and both ended up filling their tags. You can read about this hunt on my brother's blog Idaho Pursuit.

Archery Whitetails in Idaho
My Brother Kevin and his wife Sarah

I tweeted about it earlier in the season but my youngest brother ended up filling his tag and not only that it was his first with archery equipment. He was pretty stoked to say the least.

Idaho Archery Whitetail Doe
Brother Travis and his first Archery Deer

Then of course my dad once again fills another tag my taking this young buck during the rifle season. He has had a great year thus far with an elk and now a deer.

Idaho whitetail buck with rifle
Dad and his Whitetail Buck

My brother-in-law Rick had a great season as well and was fortunate enough to take a nice mule deer with his rifle this year. This is on my bucket list as I have yet to harvest a mule deer.

Idaho Mule Deer with Rifle
Brother-In-Law Rick with his Mule Deer
I am excited and happy for everyone that has had luck this season..... I am just hoping that my turn will be rolling around now that the late season archery hunt opens up on the first of November. With any luck this guy will be running around near my stand.....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Geigerrig Hydration Bladder Review

One of the most important pieces of gear that I use and always pack is water. The challenge I have always had is packing enough water without taking up so much space. So I started doing some research and came across the Geigerrig Hydration System. This wasn't like any other hydration bladder. The main difference I saw was the fact that it was pressurized. Yep. It would actually spray water and you didn't have to suck on the bite valve. Here is a quick video of the Geigerrig System.

While I was communicating with Bob Geiger he gave me a little information on how he came up with the idea for the Geigerrig System. While Bob was with the US Marine Corps he noticed some reasons as to why the Marines didn't like the traditional hydration packs. Here is what Bob had to say:

"Yet another reason is that Marines often need water for purposes other than drinking. They need to clean off their feet before changing socks while on a long hike. They need to spray sand out of the magazine that holds their ammo (sand in the magazine often resulted in mis-feeds, jams and malfunctions of the weapon). They need to spray the sweat off of their face and head. They need to spray and clean their body as a matter of field hygiene (foot rot and crotch rot are real game changers for Marines operating in the field). They need to add water to their MREs. They need to clean out a wound. They need to treat a casualty. They need to share their water with a fellow Marine. Etc. Etc. Etc."

"In building the GEIGERRIG product, we did a lot of work to analyze the various views and attitudes that the general consumer had about hydration packs.  My experience in the Marine Corps was always in the back of my mind, but I didn’t know how those experiences would translate when it came to civilian, recreation use of a hydration pack.  What we found though, was that the general consumer of a hydration pack shared many of the very same feelings and attitudes about their hands free hydration system as Marines did."

The Geigerrig bladder peaked my interest in the fact that I don't have to try and suck the water through the tube. I don't know how many times I have climbed up the top of a ridge and was out of breath trying to suck through the tube to get some water. I felt like it was too much work to get enough water to drink. So obviously not sucking for water was very appealing. 

Some of the features that stand out the most for me:
  • Pressurized so I don't have to suck.
  • Slide Top and wide mouth to easily fill and clean. 
  • Quick Release valves for the pressure tube and water tube.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Inline filter capability.
Now the biggest challenge for any water bladder is trying to fit it into your hunting pack. Most hunting packs have places for a hydration bladder, but getting one to fit is sometimes a challenge. I received the 3 Liter bladder to try and fit into my Eberlestock X2 Pack and I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. I know my pack said it could hold a 3 Liter bladder but it looked like it was going to be a tight fit. Secondly I was nervous how to feed the valve and the bulb through the hydration pocket in my pack.

I quickly found that the bladder fit in the pack very easily. I thought it would have been a tighter fit but it was perfect. Even with the inline water filter it fit perfectly inside the pocket and had plenty of room to spare. I thought that it fit perfectly was curious how it would work once I pressurized the bladder.

You can see the black inline filter in the picture and the bladder is pressurized. There was still some room in the pocket if I needed to put something in. I fed both the water and air tube out the same opening and this worked out very well for me and was very simple. I liked this set up because I was able to have the pressure bulb and the water valve available on the same side.

The inline water filter and the hoses are easily removable with the quick release valves. This allows you to quickly remove the hoses from their position on the bladder which was very helpful when I needed to refill or even clean the bladder. All I had to do was remove the hoses from the bladder, then take the bladder out of the pocket in order to fill it, and then I attached the hoses back up to start using it.

I absolutely enjoyed the fact that I didn't have to suck on the valve to get water. This made it more than just a water bladder for drinking. I used it to fill my pot for boiling water to cook my Mountain House meal for lunch on one of my hunts. You can see the pressure that the bladder has by the stream of water coming through the valve which made it easy to use.

Overall I was very satisfied with the water bladder and the ease of use. The simplicity of cleaning with the slide top, being able to turn it inside out and just throwing it on the top rack of your dishwasher was very beneficial. The inline water filter did slow the stream down slightly but it as you can see in the picture it still had a lot of pressure.

I looked at my pack specs and found that my pack would hold up to a 3 liter bladder and sure enough it fit just fine with no issues. The price for a 3 liter Geigerrig Hydration bladder is $49.00 which isn't too bad. You must buy the filter separately but the filter is rated to filter 50 gallons and removes 99.9% of Cryptospordium and Giardia. This is definitely worth looking into if you are in the market for a hydration bladder.

Overall I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting a hydration pack. I was skeptical of the durability of the bladder until I watched some of the tests that were performed by Geigerrig. Here is one of the videos that shows the durability of the bladder.

I figure if it can withstand a bomb, it would be pretty reliable in my hunting pack. Definitely go and check these hydration bladders. Here is a link to their YouTube channel with all sorts of different tests like dropping the pack out of a vehicle at 100 mph and a dry ice bomb inside the bladder itself!

Watch for the review of the Geigerrig Rig 500 Ballistic Pack shortly!

As with all reviews on High Country Bowhunter, the following review is my honest opinion, I received the Geigerrig Hydration System  and agreed to provide a review in exchange. I am not sponsored by or associated with Geigerrig and accepting no other compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review.  My independent status may change in the future but, as of the date of publication, no relationship other than described above has been pursued or established.

Friday, October 12, 2012

How I Started My Archery Season

Searching for Elk

Every year there is that time of year that every hunter looks forward too. That time of year is magical. The temperature begins to cool down, leaves change color, and the day dreaming begins. I look forward to hunting season and fall in general. It is my favorite time of year. There is just something about all the colors changing and the leaves falling that gets me going. This year though was a little different.

Me and my son Dawson
I was excited for this hunting season just like any other, but there was something that had me even more excited. My wife and I were expecting our second son just before the opening weekend of archery season. There is nothing I enjoy more than being a good father to my kids as well as being a good husband to my wife. That is where the challenge came into play. How was I going to manage my time with my family with a newborn a few days before the archery season? ........

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Monday, October 8, 2012

My Archery Elk Season Recap

Idaho Elk Hunting Archery
Trying to find the mighty Wapiti

Elk hunting is a challenge in and of itself. Hunting isn't one of those things that you say, "I think I'll wake up today and go shoot an elk, or a deer, or bear, etc." It takes preparation, scouting, and time spent in the area that you are hunting in order to get your opportunities at shooting an animal. This year I started doing some scouting like I do best, using Google Earth. I found an area that looked very promising. While looking even closer I stumbled upon several ponds and became very excited. I hurried and emailed my dad the location of the ponds and he was just as excited as I was.

My brother Kevin and I made a trip up that way to try and find the ponds that I had found on the computer. We started scouting the area starting around the end of July. We went and set up several trail cameras in hopes of finding and patterning the elk. We only had a few hours available to head up and set trail cameras but once they were set we were like kids waiting for Christmas morning.

About two weeks later my dad and I ventured back in to pick up the trail cameras. We had set them up on several different trails and one was more in their bedding area. We were a little let down on the cameras we set up on the trail. We didn't get very many pictures and those pictures we got were just parts of animals. The bedding area proved to be a success though. We had several pictures of elk with a couple young bulls making an appearance.

Trail Camera Bull Elk
This Bull is the one in the videos below
We were very pleased and excited to see this guy as well as several other smaller bulls and spikes showing up. There weren't any state records but seeing elk and knowing that we had set up in a good spot was exactly what we were looking for. We had some good herds come in with cows, spikes, and bulls. There is nothing better than picking up your camera and finding pictures of animals.

Idaho Elk
Wide 5x5
Eventually my dad and I made it over to one of the ponds that I had found. We had placed our cameras on one of the ponds because some one had already set up a trail camera on the other pond. We loved the activity that we were seeing at the pond and were excited to set up our cameras.

Water Hole

So with them set up we began another long wait to head back up and check trail cameras. Again we were getting some good pictures and decent elk activity. There still weren't any jaw dropping monsters coming in but there was plenty of great elk activity. I found out also that my trail camera was actually taking video along with snapping some pictures. Pretty cool seeing these animals coming in on video. Here's a few that I really liked.

This was promising and a pleasant surprise to find that my trail camera was taking video. I had no idea. We had several hunting trips up in that area and there were several close encounters. But in one of my recent posts I highlighted our Successful Elk Hunt that was accomplished by my dad. Needless to say we had a great archery season for elk. Close encounters, beautiful country, and great company makes hunting elk worth it. 

My Dad's Elk
Be sure to read the story about our Successful Elk Hunt to see how my dad got this bull.

Friday, September 21, 2012

An Unforgettable Moment

Rexburg Archery Shoot
My Son and I at his first Archery Shoot
Sharing my love for bowhunting is something that I truly enjoy. When my wife and I were dating, she didn’t know very much about hunting. In fact when she would come over and we would watch old hunting tapes or watch hunting shows, she couldn’t stand watching. I made sure not to force it on her but to share why I enjoy it so much. To show her how much fun it could be, I gave her a bow and we started shooting the 3-D range in the evenings whenever we could. Her comment to me was that she could shoot targets but not a real animal. This was perfectly fine with me. I get to take her out and practice and share my love for archery with my wife.

I get to share it even more now with my son. He just turned 3 and taking him to archery shoots to teach him just as my dad did is an experience that I will never forget.....

You can finish reading this post over on the PSE Archery Blog

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Successful Elk Hunt

Idaho Back Country
Glassing for Elk
Last week my brother, my dad, and myself headed up to our hunting spot where we met up with Rudy from Huntography. It was our turn to try and get an elk on film for the ElkTour DVD that he was putting together. This was a great opportunity and had a blast all weekend. After hearing the stories from the other groups like Emily and her group as well as Eric and Nate from, I was a little nervous. I was hoping we could get into the elk like they did.

I had been looking forward to this weekend to get out and go hunting for the fact that I haven't gotten a chance to get out. I don't regret not getting out because I have been spending time with my wife and my two boys. As much as I enjoy hunting, family definitely comes first and we just had our second son two days before the season opener. I was happy to stay home and was happy to get out for a few days.

Needless to say without giving away too much about our portion of the ElkTour, we did have some close calls with some elk. We had a small herd come in but unfortunately we didn't get a chance to draw on any of them. With the fallen timber I wasn't able to get a clear shot. We ended up getting into the elk and had an exciting time chasing them trying to seal the deal. I think we wore Rudy out from walking so much....

Rudy Catching Some ZZZZZ's

Although I never drew on an elk, my dad did and was successful. He shot a nice 4x5 rag horn bull that has some real nice character. This is definitely one of the most unique looking elk I have seen. It was a great way to share the hunt with my family and have Rudy there to capture us on video. Unfortunately we weren't able to get the kill on video, but we did have some back straps for dinner that night around the campfire.

Non typical Elk
My dad and his Stag Looking Elk

Be sure to check out Huntography for the release of the DVD to pick up all the action. You can also read a little bit about Emily's hunt with Rudy on her blog: From The Draw and be sure you check out my brother's side of the story over at his blog: Idaho Pursuit.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Exciting Weekend Ahead - #ElkTour

It has finally arrived! Tomorrow evening I'll be meeting up with Rudy from Huntography to begin our portion of ElkTour. I spoke with Rudy last night and it sounds like they've had some close encounters thus far. I'm hoping that he brings that luck with him this week and we'll have some close encounters as well.

My brother and dad have been hunting up in our elk spot the last couple weekends and have seen a lot of great sign but haven't had shots at any elk yet. I haven't gotten out yet due to the fact that I've wanted to spend more time with our newest addition so I have just been hearing how they have been doing. This last weekend though both of them saw some sign that was a little uneasy for us. Lately there have been several reports of grizzly up in that area. Now we always knew that we hunt in grizzly country but haven't seen much sign but then my dad ran across this tree that was all scratched up! You can read about this and my brother's encounter with a young wolf all in the same trip on his blog: Idaho Pursuit.

Grizzly Claws Tree
Grizzly Claw Marks on the Tree
There's no doubt that we'll be fine and I am looking forward to getting out and hunting with my dad and my brothers this weekend. I am also very excited to be able to have Rudy come along as well to film and share the experience with us. We will all be carrying our bear spray and sidearms that's for sure. We have gotten several elk on our trail cameras and have one who keeps coming in pretty regularly which I'm hoping to put my tag on. I'll be sending updates on the hunt whenever I have cell phone service and when I can but be sure to check back next week for an update on how ElkTour went for us here in Idaho.

Rocky Mountain Elk in Idaho
Trail camera pic of Whale Tail
Also a little side note is that my buddy Will over at The Will to Hunt has a trail camera photo contest that you all should go and vote for the best picture. You can find this picture of Whale Tail on the list of finalists but in all honesty just go and vote for which one you think is the best trail camera picture. There are some great pictures of some bruisers that's for sure!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Little Break

So I recently have taken some time off from blogging but for good reasons. Being a good dad and husband is priority number one for me and just last week I was blessed to welcome our second boy into our home. He was born on August 28th and we couldn't be happier.

Just relaxing at the Hospital
Proud Big Brother

It has been fun just relaxing and not worrying about work. Also the season has started and my brothers and my dad went out on opening day to hunt. Opening day was the 30th so only two days after my son was born. As much as I wanted to be in a tree waiting for some whitetails, I was much happier snuggling with my new addition.

My youngest brother was out on opening morning and he wanted to get his first animal with his bow. We all drew out on a controlled extra whitetail doe tag. So we can shoot a whitetail doe plus hunt with our general deer tag as well. My brother hasn't shot anything with his bow so he was excited on opening day as he bagged himself a nice doe! 

East Idaho Whitetail Doe
Travis and his first Archery Kill
I'm excited for him and he was pretty pumped to finally get a bow kill. I am excited to get out and start chasing deer and elk with my brothers and my dad. Hope everyone else is having some success getting out in the woods. Good luck!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Everyone Loves Free Stuff

With hunting season upon us, I wanted to share a couple giveaways that are more than worth you time to enter. First of all,  PSE Archery is giving away a bow package valued at $1,266.92. Simple way to enter again is just heading over to their Facebook Page and giving them a like as well. The package is a fully equipped PSE Dream Season EVO along with a dozen Carbon Force Arrows! This is an easy way to win a brand new bow. But seriously the contest ends next week so you better hurry!

The second giveaway is just as easy to enter. MINOX Optics is giving away one of their rifle scopes with some Kenton Industries Turrets. This is an amazing rifle scope and the quality as well as the warranty that comes with MINOX is unmatched. All you have to do is simply like their Facebook Page to be eligible to enter! So be sure to head on over and give them a like to be entered to win. Everyone loves something for free especially when it is high quality hunting gear.