Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Success All Around

So I've been absent for a while now. Unfortunately my company went through layoffs and I was let go so I have been hunting pretty hard, just not the type of hunting that I'd like. I was fortunate enough to find a new job that I am excited to start on Monday.

Aside from being laid off, I've been a busy stay at home dad while I wait to hear back from several different companies. During my wait and hard job hunting, I was received several different messages with some great success this rifle season. As much as I wanted to be out in the field I knew that providing for my family was much more important. But that won't keep me from bragging about my family and their success this season.

Opening day came and I knew my dad and brother were out chasing deer. As I was sitting there I received a text message with a picture of a great deer. First thing I did was call to find out who the lucky one was that shot this buck.

When I called my brother he told me the story about how my dad had shot this buck. I was excited and couldn't believe my dad had shot a great looking buck. But then my brother started to laugh and said that as they pulled up to where they were going to hunt, that they ran into another hunter (a fellow friend) who had shot this buck. Needless to say it is still a great buck.

It was a great little rifle season. My cousin, my dad, and my brother-in-law all shot great bucks this year and so I thought I would showcase them. Also included is my sister-in-laws first archery kill and let me tell ya, she married into the family and hit the ground running with this hunting stuff. My brother has to watch out or she'll continue to out hunt him.

My Cousin's Whitetail Buck
My Dad's Whitetail Buck

My Brother-In-Law's Muley
My Sister-In-Law and her first Archery Deer

Just wanted to say congrats to all my family for the great year they all had. Some of the best success is having someone you know get out and have a great year!

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  1. Now those are some great photos from some awesome hunts! Thanks for sharing them, Dustin!