Thursday, November 17, 2011

Huntin' with Dad

I have been waiting for the right time to take my son out on his first hunting trip and with my wife attending some craft fairs we both figured that it would be better that he do some guy stuff. So one Saturday while the wives were out at the craft fair, my brother and dad decided to take a little hunting trip. We started out by dressing warm, getting on our camo, and heading to the convenience store. Hunting just isn't hunting without the right essentials: candy, chips, and drinks. Now my boy had to make sure he grabbed his "noculars" so he could go huntin' with dad. Nothing beats getting out and enjoying time with your kid teaching them all about hunting. We were fortunate enough have Fynch along to spot all our ducks and geese that we were after.

Fynch and his "noculars"
We drove around trying to find some ducks and when we would spot them, the little guys would stay in the truck with grandpa while my brother and I would sneak up on the ducks. Luckily we didn't do a lot of driving in vain, we did end up finding some ducks to shoot. I unfortunately didn't bag one but my brother did and Fynch just thought it was the coolest thing. But he couldn't just look at the duck with his eyes, he had to have his 'noculars' to see the duck as it was laying by his feet.

Days like this one are ones that make me appreciate all that my dad has taught me about how to hunt and the reasons why we hunt. I hope I can pass on all that my dad has taught me and my brothers on to my kids. Even though I shot a lot at the ducks and didn't get one, I couldn't have asked for a better day.

Lookin for Ducks


  1. That is what it is all about, Dustin! I can't wait until my kiddos are big enough to get out there with me.

  2. I agree Mark, I've been waiting until he was old enough and this worked out great to be able to just drive around and jump shoot ducks. I think he's hooked now, he keeps asking be to take him again. I love it.