Monday, November 18, 2013

Reel Bullet Fishing Lures Review

I have had the opportunity to review some great products from Reel Bullet and they never fail to amaze me. I was given the chance to review their latest product made from real bullets, their Reel Bullet Fishing Lures. That's right, fishing with real bullets. I was stoked to give these a shot and if anything I have to say they look pretty cool.

32 Caliber Bullet Fishing Lure
32 Caliber Detective 
Reel Bullet Fishing Lures
32 Caliber Detective

I have been using these during the fall and even though I haven't caught a fish with these, I have to say that in general I haven't caught fish this fall anyways. I definitely don't blame the lure as I'm sure this is more user luck than anything for my situation. Overall these lures are designed very well and are easy to fish with.

Real Bullet Fishing Lure

Reel Bullet Fishing Lures has a wide variety of calibers, so head over and check out their different selections to pick up your favorite caliber. These are a great asset to any tackle box. They are definitely a company worth following with all the great products they keep coming up with. Go check out their fishing lures at and see what other great bullet products they have to offer.

As with all reviews on High Country Bowhunter, the following review is my honest opinion, I received the Reel Bullet Fishing Lure free of charge and agreed to provide a review in exchange. I am not sponsored by Real Bullet and accepting no other compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review.  My independent status may change in the future.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Baladeo Explorer - Survival Creek

I've always said that one can never have too many knives. So needless to say when I was contacted by Survival Creek and asked to review the Baladeo Explorer, I of course said yes. As a hunter and outdoorsman I constantly have a knife with me. It's not for protection but mostly as a tool. There are plenty of times when someone need something cut and that's where the "hunting guy" comes in. Like many outdoorsman (and women), a knife is an essential item for your day-to-day routine.

Survival Creek - Baladeo Explorer Knife

The Baladeo Explorer is constructed of 420 stainless steel with titanium coating and is a full tang handle with bamboo. The bamboo handle looks great with the lighter color against the titanium coated steel. The fixed blade is 13 cm (just over 5 inches) and the entire knife weighs in at 276 grams. The end of the handle has a loop which you could definitely attach some paracord to the knife. also there are three holes in the handle which also allows for tying some paracord or wrapping around the handle. Also if in a survival situation and you had paracord you could tie the knife to a stick for a spear or to reach up and cut some limbs.

Baladeo Explorer Fixed Blade Knife - Survival Creek
Baladeo Explorer - Survival Creek

- Extremely light weight
- The blade maintains a very sharp edge and sharpens up very easily
- The blade cuts extremely well
- The bamboo handle is a great touch for durability and light weight

- The handle is nice but it was pretty slippery when either you hand or the handle was wet.
- The sheath could be a little higher quality. This isn't as big of a deal for me as long as the knife is a high quality knife.

These are just personal preferences and just my opinion. The Baladeo Explorer overall is an excellent knife that keeps is edge extremely well. Having a knife that stays sharp and can sharpen extremely easy is very important. I would definitely recommend this knife to anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors or even just someone who enjoys knifes.

Be sure to check out Survival Creek and see all of the awesome survival gear that they offer. They offer knives, survival kits, food, and much more. They are on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!

As with all reviews on High Country Bowhunter, the following review is my honest opinion, I received the Baladeo Explorer Knife free of charge and agreed to provide a review in exchange. I am not sponsored by Survival Creek and accepting no other compensation, monetary or otherwise, in exchange for this review.  My independent status may change in the future.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hunting Film Tour - Idaho Falls

I am a big fan of watching hunting videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and even on DVD. There are some great videos out there that capture the true essence of the hunt. Of course my favorite DVD is the latest ElkTour DVD that I was able to be part of. Recently there has been a big surge in watching hunting films on the big screen and I have been jealous of those that have had that opportunity. Granted, I could have gone to the Full Draw Film tour in Boise but that would have been a four and a half hour drive to see it. Now there is a film tour coming to my area.

Be sure to watch the trailer below!

The Hunting Film Tour is coming to Idaho Falls, Idaho. It is going to be nice to have it come here to Idaho Falls which is only a 30 minute drive away. So all of my local followers pay attention:

The Hunting Film Tour
When: Thursday August 15th
Time: 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Where: Colonial Theatre 450 A Street Idaho Falls, ID, 84302
Price: $10 online - Click here for purchasing
Discount Tickets: You can pick up $8 tickets at
The Gun Shop - 2788 N Holmes Ave, Idaho Falls, ID 83401?. (208) 529-4092
Mountain Archery - 2630 S 2000 W, Rexburg, ID 83440. (208) 656-0616

Corporate Sizzle from Hunting Film Tour on Vimeo.

I have been watching the trailer and I must say, I am pretty excited! There are some pretty intense hunts over on the website of the films that will be there. They are hitting a lot of different cities across the U.S. so check out the end of this post to see the tour dates and cities.


That's right, they are giving away some great prizes at every show. As quoted directly on the website:
"We love to give away free swag to our crowds! Everyone who walks past the velvet rope gets swag just for coming out to the show and they all get a chance to win some coveted gear from some of the best companies in the industry."
With great sponsors like Sitka, Yeti Coolers, Vortex Optics, Costa, Hunter Vids, and Kenetrek Boots you know you are going to have a chance to win some great gear!

Go check out the trailers of the hunts that will be featured, there are some great films! Also be sure to connect with these guys to get the latest updates.

Twitter @Film_Tour
Facebook: The Hunting Film Tour
Instagram: Hunting Film Tour
Vimeo: Hunting Film Tour

Here is a list of the upcoming shows for the U.S.

Mouse over schedule window to scroll through all 2013 shows

Friday, August 2, 2013

Bowfishing Pointers From a Novice Bowfisher

A quick disclaimer, when I say pointers from a novice bowfisher I am talking about myself not my friend in the photos.

Throughout the summer months it can be difficult for hunters. There is the anticipation for the upcoming archery season with the lull of nothing to hunt. This time of year is well spent scouting for a new hunting spot or making sure the old stand will still be a reliable spot. Between scouting and practicing the excitement starts to build and the anticipation of the upcoming season becomes, well, almost unbearable at times. One thing that I have found that is a great summer activity that scratches the hunting itch a little is bowfishing.

Bowfishing Bear Lake - PSE Kingfisher
My Buddy Curt Coates Bowfishing on Bear Lake
 Bowfishing here in Idaho is a blast and there are several lakes and rivers that have an abundance of carp to chase. If you look online about bowfishing, you’ll see a lot of videos that shows people going out on a boat both in the daylight and the evening. While this is one of the most popular ways, I have had just as much luck shooting from the banks of the river or lake. There are a few things to remember when bowfishing.

Bear Lake Bowfishing for Carp - PSE Kingfisher
Melissa Coates Bowfishing on Bear Lake
The hardest thing to remember about bowfishing is the aiming. The majority of people (myself included) who go out bowfishing for the first time, end up missing the fish because they shoot too high. The reason is because of refraction. The fish looks like it is in one spot but because of the light reflecting off the water, the fish is actually lower than what it really is. A good rule of thumb would be to aim at the bottom of the fish, and then aim down about 6 inches or more. It takes some getting used to but just like any type of shooting, practice makes you better. Obviously if the fish are right on the surface of the water you wouldn’t aim low, but if they are down a little deeper you typically want to drop about 6 inches for every foot they are in the water. Just remember to aim lower than you think.

Carp Surfacing - Kevin Jones
Photo Courtesy of Kevin Jones (@IdahoPursuit)
Another important thing to pack is a good set of polarized sunglasses. Wearing a pair of polarized sunglasses helps take the glare off the water and you will be able to see more fish. Especially when fishing from the bank the glare off the water can be pretty extreme. The best time that I have found to bowfish for carp has been early morning or late afternoon and the glare on the water is very intense. I haven’t been out at night yet but I have heard that it is just as good if not better at night.

Bear Lake Carp - Bowfishing
Curt Coates with his Bear Lake Carp
Lastly one thing to remember that you’ll be glad you have if you shoot one of those 30 pound carp is a glove. If you are shooting a bow without a reel and are pulling the line in by hand, you’ll be glad you are fighting the carp with a good leather glove on. I have the PSE Kingfisher set up and I just pull the arrow in by hand and I usually keep one in my back pocket just in case I shoot a big one. The last thing you want to do is shoot a monster carp and grab hold of the string just to get your finger or hand sliced open. These fish can fight like no other.

Bowfishing is a great way to get out and hunt throughout the spring and summer months. Be sure to look up the regulations in your state and get out there and enjoy some summer time bowfishing!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Avoid Getting Lost

Archery Elk Hunting Idaho

It has happened to me more often than not; I’ll be excited for a new area to hunt then get out there to scout around and once I’m done I will start heading back to the truck only to find out I have ventured further than I thought. I have found myself assuming I was on a particular ridge while I really was one over. I am good with directions and I can read a map, but there are times where I am very excited to just get out to the area that I have looked at the map long enough and assumed it would be easy enough to navigate. Well after wandering around and coming out a couple ridges higher than what I thought, I told myself I needed to be more sure of myself rather than assuming.

Using a GPS

I’m sure there are some of you who are like me and have always wondered about using a GPS and then there are others who are saying, “What took you so long to get a GPS?” I have been more or less a creature of habit and have hunted in a lot of the same places where I was very familiar with and didn't have to worry about getting turned around. I have always had luck seeing animals, but I have started branching out to different areas due to hunting pressure. This is where a GPS has helped out tremendously.

Christmas time came around and my mom and dad surprised me with a Garmin etrex 20 for Christmas. I guess they wanted to make sure I wasn't lost when I headed out. I am still getting to know the ins and the outs of the etrex but so far it has been very easy to learn. I love how compact it is and how light it is. A great GPS.

Garmin etrex 20 GPS

The Garmin etrex is perfect for the budget and it gets the job done. I thought that it would only come in use for when I was venturing into a spot that I had never been. I started playing around with it and I have to say, I take it everywhere with me basically. It comes in handy for more than just a hunting situation in the back country. 

As many of us hunters know, hunting a new area can be challenging and in most cases what we are looking for once we find that perfect spot is whether or not public land. I hunt strictly public land so I am always looking for those hot spots that are public yet far enough off the beaten trail to distance myself from other hunters. Sometimes this can be a daunting task and when you do find that spot you want to make sure that you don’t cross that boundary onto the private land. 

Hunting GPS Maps

One key tool that I have found that has helped me is Hunting GPS Maps. This micro SD card fits right into my Garmin GPS and gives me PLAT map information on the land in Idaho. They are state specific cards and they give you information that is vital for public land hunters. It shows you land ownership, land boundaries for public or private land, and even shows you land owner names. One of the quickest ways to ruin a hunt is finding out you are trespassing and get hit with a hefty fine.

Hunting GPS Maps Garmin etrex 20

A GPS is one of the most important pieces of equipment that I pack with me every time I hit the woods. I highly recommend using a GPS especially if you are hunting new areas to avoid getting lost. The GPS along with Hunting GPS Maps will help you as you navigate your way around new areas and will take the guess work out of whether or not you are on public or private land. 

Hunting GPS Maps Idaho

As you can see, the Hunting GPS Maps shows you the different parcels of land and their ownership. You will be able to clearly see if you are on public or private land. This also comes in very useful when you are trying to gain access to hunt private land by giving you the land owners name. No more guessing, you will be able to know the persons name and then you can go and ask them for permission.